Related Links : This is the website of John F. Carr. Having spent many years researching the life of H. Beam Piper, Mr. Carr is the recognized authority on the man and his works, and wrote the only complete biography of him. John is also a long-standing author of his own science fiction, including many novels set in Piper's Paratime and Terro-Human Future History series, as well as in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium future history. Carr is also an award-winning editor of many anthologies. : This is the website of David Johnson, a long-time Piper fan. David helped me join the old Piper-LIST online group, dedicated to discussing H. Beam Piper and his works, and now hosts his own discussion group, the Forum. : This website, by Dennis Frank and John Carr, collected contributions for a proper headstone for Piper's grave. I contributed to this effort, and was able to see it in 2012, when I attended my first Irregular's Muster in central Pennsylvania. A very nice engraved granite headstone, one I believe Beam would have been pleased with. Their website also has a link to Piper's works available at Project Gutenberg, an excellent "About Piper" monograph (including an old photo of him, digitally animated), and a bookstore selling works by Beam Piper, John Carr and other authors.